Prime Scratch Cards Master Mix

Master Mix Online Scratch Card From Prime Is Based On A Well Known Board Game  ‘Mastermind’, Huge Win Potential Combined With Simple Game Play In This Great Card…

Prime scratch cards have done it again – with a really great scratch game which combines simplicity, fun and of course, the chance to grab that huge win – in this case 10,000 times your stake. This card reminded us of an old board-game called ‘Mastermind’ in which you had to work out the combination of colored pegs your opponent held. Instead of colors, the Master Mix uses numbers as outlined below. If you have not yet discovered the huge variety of fun games at the popular Prime then you should remember that is just one of the largest selection of Internet Scratch Cards and other cool games availale.

Prime Scratch Cards Master Mix

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Playing ‘Master Mix’ could not be easier, you start by choosing the number of lines you wish to play from 1 to 10 and setting your line price (from 25p up).  Next click the ‘Play’ button to reveal the dealer’s 4 numbers at the top of the card. You then scratch your lines (either one at a time or using the ‘scratch all’ button in the bottom left) to reveal your wins. The idea is to match the dealers numbers and position. Simply matching a number returns 1-to-1, while matching the number and position of that number pays a minimum of 4-to-1. Big money starts when you match multiple numbers and positions on the same line, with an exact match of 4 paying a huge 10000-to-1 on your stake – serious money!

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We thought the Master Mix scratch was one of the better online cards, it looks great and plays great too! If you have not yet found out for yourself just what makes Prime Scratch Cards one of the most popular sites for online fun games and cards then why not take advantage of their £5 completely free offer. There are no strings (other than one per household!) and you can keep any winnings. What is more Prime scratch cards will offer you some great bonuses to keep you involved! Check out Prime for yourself now and see just how brilliant the latest generation of online scratch cards can be!!

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