Prime Scratch Cards 3 Wow Card

The 3 Wow Online Scratch Card Has A Top Prize Of A Cool Million Pounds – Click To Find Out More On Prime Scratch Card’s Biggest Prize

Imagine clicking your mouse to start an online scratch card, only to reveal 3 ‘Million’ symbols… bringing financial freedom from that moment on! This sounds like a dream, until you realize that Prime Scratch Cards actually offer a game with a $1 Million top prize – and that you can even play it for free with the £5 trial Prime give to all new players! Here we review the ‘3-Wow’ million pound scratch – and also outline why we strongly believe that Prime Scratch Cards make a great choice for all us fans of online scratching!!

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The beauty of the 3-Wow scratch card is in it’s simplicity, from the very earliest scratch cards the ‘reveal 3 symbols’ theme has been an enduring favorite. One small twist with the 3-wow card is that you get a win multiplier those times you reveal three matching symbols, this can multiply your win by up to 10 times – and with some big numbers to be revealed this could be a huge boost.

Playing is simple, first select your card price and then hit the ‘Play’ button. You can automate play via the ‘Autoplay’ feature which lets you choose a number of games or set win / loss limits. If playing one at a time you have the choice of scratching yourself or using the ‘scratch all’ which first reveals the symbols then the multiplier.

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We should note that the £1 Million prize is paid monthly over 15 years at the rate of $5.500 per month (how is that for financial freedom!) or an alternative lump sum prize of $250,000 is available.

3-Wow is just one of a huge selection of scratch-cards, fun games and slots you will find at the acclaimed Prime Scratch Cards. With massive amounts of entertainment for your money – and the chance of a big win – Prime use the latest neo-gaming technology and have built a trusted reputation as one of the biggest and best online scratching sites over the years. We love Prime and think you will too, click now and claim your free £5 trial, you never know – it could just be a $1 million decision!

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