Jackpot Scratch Love Match Scratch Card

Love Your Money With Up To 10,000 to 1 Winnings On The Acclaimed Jackpot Scratch Love Match Scratch Card – Powered By PlayTech!

While most of us have some romance somewhere in our souls – the lure of winning up to 10,000 times your bet is a great reason to check out the ‘Love Match’ scratch card from the popular Jackpot Scratch gaming site. Not only will you find entertaining scratch cards there (including the one we are reviewing on this page!), you will also find fun video slots and many cool table games you did not even know existed! The Love Match Scratch card is a simple game of matching 3 angels – we explain how it works below.

Jackpot Scratch Love Match Card

Before you start scratching away you will need to set your card value, this defaults to £1 but can be adjusted using the + and – hearts in the centre bottom to prices between 50p and £10. Next you click the ‘Play’ button and are then given the choice of auto-scratching all, or doing the scratching one-by-one by yourself. The idea is simple, you get 4 Angels in a row on the 3 by 3 square and you win the prize hidden at the top of the screen. You can even scratch to reveal the prize before seeing if you have won if you prefer this way!

With great special offers and a reputation for looking after their regular scratchers really well, we are happy to recommend the PlayTech-Powered Jackpot Scratch to all of our readers. We recommend that you take the free £7 trial to see how you enjoy the games, and then to take full advantage you can claim a 100% match deposit bonus up to a total of £200… just imagine how many winning cards that could mean for you! Check out Jackpot Scratch for yourself now to see what makes this site so popular!

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