Golden Balls Game From Jackpot Joy

Golden Balls Game Online From Jackpot Joy Combines An Entertaining Instant Play Game With The Thrill Of The Original – Find Out More

Transitioning well known games into instant-play format online is a special skill which Jackpot-joy have a real skill for. Golden Balls is no exception, with great graphics combining with easy to follow game play, including the tense ‘Split’ or ‘Steal’ decision at the end. One thing is for sure, you’ll get your moneys worth in entertaining play with this game – as well as having the opportunity to grab yourself a nice win.

Jackpot Joy Golden Balls Instant Win

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Instant-play games are listed on the Jackpot Joy homepage towards the bottom right, by choosing ‘list all’ you will see a preview shot of each game along with the option to play for money or in demo-mode.

Playing the Golden Balls instant game could not be easier. First you choose your stake, this can be anything between £1 and £1000 (though we prefer the smaller end!). You then hit play and start the first part of the game. Here you eliminate the other contestants with the objective of getting as many ‘Killer’ balls out of the game while keeping the larger wins in. During the 2nd round you get rid of 1 more ‘virtual contestant’ and move on to the next phase in the game.

Next you choose 5 balls which will make up your win. The balls are all of those which you did not eliminate in the previous round and hopefully contain a few big wins! Once you pick 5 the totals are added and you move on to the final phase of the game – split or steal!

Here you are playing against a virtual opponent and can choose to ‘Split’ or keep your current winnings, or to ‘Steal’ which gives you a chance of doubling your total win. If you choose steal and your opponent chooses ‘Split’ then you are doubled up. However, if you choose ‘Steal’ and your opponent does too then you both lose your win. Your opponent is the computer code of course. What we liked about this part of the game is that the timing is just right… it keeps you wondering for a few seconds of tension before showing you whether you won or not.

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