Deal or No Deal Instant Game

Jackpot Joy’s Deal Or No Deal Instant Game Brings This Big Name TV Show To You – All You Have To Do Is Choose The Best Deal!

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular online games and comes in slot machine as well as instant game format. This entertaining interactive game is true to the original game show, complete with boxes and banker making you offers for your box throughout the game. Combining the slick and smooth graphics and great gameplay with the giant brand of Jackpot Joy makes this one of our top recommendations – you get the fun game, big brand peace of mind and the chance to win big all rolled into one!

Jackpot Joy Deal Or No Deal

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Jackpot Joy Deal Or No DealInstant play Deal or No Deal can be thought of as the next generation of scratching! Here is how the game works, we will refer to the screenshot below as we go through.

First of all you choose your stake, this was defaulted at 2 pounds when we started but can be togged up and down easily. You then click ‘Play’ and select your initial box, this is yours throughout the game. We like to take different boxes each game, maybe we have yet to discover which is our lucky box!

Next you get to open 6 of the remaining boxes. The idea is that you see what is in them and so get a better idea of what is in your box. If you reveal a lot of low numbers the chances of you having a higher one are improved. You can use a ‘Quick Pick’ button which will appear on the screen, this will choose the boxes for you randomly.

After this the phone rings and a speech bubble appears from the banker, you will be offered a prize for your box and can either accept by clicking ‘Deal’ or decline ‘No Deal’. If you decline you will go through 2 more rounds where 5 boxes are chosen and 2 more with 4 boxes. If you decline all deals along the way you will receive the amount in your box as a prize.

What we like about this scratch card instant game is that you have several points at which you can make a profitable decision based on what you have already seen revealed. You also get a lot of game play and entertainment while you are winning! The only question is whether you like a accept those bankers offers – or whether you are stubborn like us and like to wait for a better deal!

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