Are Online Scratch Cards Fair?

Here We Assess The Question Of Fairness Of Online Scratch Card Sites

We all know that online scratch cards are a great new form of entertainment – and have the potential for a big win too… the question is – Are Online Scratch Cards Fair?

First up the short answer, after this we’ll give you the details of each site – finishing up with an explanation of why running an honest shop is 100% the best policy for these businesses.

Are Scratch Cards Fair – The Short Answer!

Yes, as long as you stick to the biggest brands we are confident that the odds of winning are exactly as advertised.

Fairness Of Online Scratchcards – Site By Site

#1 Prime Scratch Cards

We give Prime Scratch Cards the number 1 spot for a good reason – they have a link to their fairness page right at the top of the home page and make the effort to explain in very clear terms how their system works. Not only do they create a known number of each card with a published prize distribution – Prime actually commit to letting players know if the big prizes have already been won. Top marks to Prime!

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#2 Jackpot Scratch

2nd on our list comes Jackpot Scratch, this site also links to their game fairness information page from their homepage, this time from the links at the bottom. What we liked about Jackpot Scratch is that their games are actually checked by a 3rd party organization for fairness, and even display their certification letter. Technical Systems Testing (known as TST) are leaders in the field too – so this should give peace of mind to all potential scratchers.

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#3 Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy is the biggest of them all, and a registered company based in Gibraltar too. We believe that this site are 100% fair, however were not able to find any information on their site other than a reference to the ‘RNG (random number generator) being regularly checked’. We are comfortable playing at this site though, all those millions spent on TV, Magazine and Internet advertising would not be risked by having games which were not fairly administered. Shame they did not make more effort to let people know what measures are in place though.

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Are Online Scratch Cards Fair – Our Final Thoughts

Even with clear information, external certifications and so on, there can still be a nagging doubt about whether these types of games are really fair. While we understand that we also genuinely believe that they are fair. At the end of the day the big companies which run these games would risk ruin by rigging them and getting caught – while they can make a lot of money just by taking a few percent at a time legitimately over and over again. While it seems like it might be in their interests to cheat, it is absolutely not!

We’ll finish with a ‘thanks’ to Prime Scratch cards for making the fairness information an integral part of their homepage and easy to understand too – here is to hoping that the other scratch card sites follow suit!

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